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NEWARK, New Jersey : 23. February. 2017

VClinBio LLC ( announced its collaboration with Cellix Bio ( to advance novel monomethyl fumarate therapeutics for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and psoriasis. Monomethyl fumarate is the active entity released from dimethyl fumarate, the main active ingredient in Tecfidera (Biogen), having a global sale of over $4 Billion in the year 2016. Tecfidera is used in the treatment of relapsing, remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). In the announced collaboration, VClinBio and Cellix will develop novel monomethyl fumarate conjugates and salts for the treatment of RRMS and psoriasis. These novel monomethyl fumarate conjugates and salts are patented in the United States and other countries.

Biotech companies Forward Pharma, XenoPort and Alkermes have been developing monomethyl fumarate prodrugs. Recently, Biogen has announced the licensing of patent from Forward Pharma for the use of dimethyl fumarate for $1.25 Billion. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories has licensed the XenoPort monomethyl fumarate prodrug to develop a potential treatment for plaque psoriasis. Alkermes is investigating its prodrug in Phase 3 for efficacy in the treatment of RRMS.

V ClinBio is leading the development of CLX-106 portfolio of monomethyl fumarate conjugates/salts from non-clinical studies to Investigational New Drug Application filing with FDA. V ClinBio has exclusive rights to develop the CLX-106 portfolio for global market. Ongoing nonclinical studies point to a highly differentiated profile as compared other monomethyl fumarate prodrugs in development. The collaboration also will advance the IND approved molecules through clinical stage studies, regulatory approval and commercialization of differentiated therapy for RRMS and psoriasis.

About V ClinBio

V ClinBio is an innovative biopharmaceutical company driving the development of novel drug products for treatment of immune and other related diseases. VClinBio develops New Molecular Entities (NMEs) using repurposing, incremental innovation and prodrug technology. The technology is targeted to provide better pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamics, physicochemical properties, and enable development of known agents for both existing and new indications. The technology has the potential of increased efficacy, tissue distribution, safety, compliance and synergic/additive pharmacology of conjugate components. The technology is implemented to develop a robust pipeline of new medicines addressing unmet medical needs.

About Cellix Bio

Cellix is an innovative drug design and development biopharmaceutical company focused to develop best-in-class therapies for the treatment of Neurological, Inflammatory and Metabolic Diseases. Using our proprietary technologies and strong scientific platform “Synergix”; new and effective medicines are being developed that modulate more than one target in the disease pathway while minimizing as much risk as possible from the discovery and development process. We select drugs known for their demonstrated efficacy and clinical safety along the targeted biological pathway, and use our proprietary synergix technology platform to produce new medicines that modulate the disease pathway with enhanced safety and efficacy profile.